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Add:No. A Building, Secote Industrial District No. 4 Dongwu Road (south) Wuzhong Economic Development Zone Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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Entered Secote

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    No.1 plant and No.4 plant have been completely finished in 12, 2013

            No.1 plant and No.4 plant have been completely finished in 12, 2013.NO. 1 plant is specially used to production, administration, warehouse and product design; another plant is for canteen and dormitory. It is a key milestone in Secote development career, which makes for improving working condition, enhancing working efficiency and developing an image as a high-tech enterprise.

            Secote, focuses on working, entertainment, relaxation, spares no effort to create a homeland for all employees with a warm atmosphere; meanwhile, Secote tries full best to give belongings to the guests.

            With the development of domestic and international business, Secote is growing rapidly. We are welcome to talents in various fields---fixture, automation design, processing, software developing and so on.



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