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SuZhou Secote Precision Electronic Co.,LTD.
Add:No. A Building, Secote Industrial District No. 4 Dongwu Road (south) Wuzhong Economic Development Zone Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Zip Code:215168

Secote Information

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    Corporate Culture

     Mission:To build an energetic company; To create a life of happiness

    To care about our employees with love; To serve our community with dedication


    Vision: To build a timeless enterprise with respect from people all over the world through endless innovation



    Core Value

    Passion: Work with great enthusiasm

    Responsibility: Eager to take responsibility

    Attitude: Perform with impeccable attitude

    Teamwork: Team work as firm as a rock

    Persistence: Persist with efforts to success

    Loyalty: Loyal to company with a spirit of ownership

    Gratitude: Reward a drop of favor with a fountain of gratitude

    Altruism: Others happiness is our greatest happiness   


    Management Concept: Focus on customer satisfaction; Strive for excellence

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