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Salary and welfare
Secote is currently at a high speed development stage, we provide the industry very competitive compensation and welfare system, attract many talents to join us.

In compensation
We especially developed for different grades of salary incentive system, improve the staff's fighting the power, and to provide additional incentives for outstanding staff.

Welfare treatment
Secote strictly abide by local laws and regulations pay various social insurance for employees.
In addition to the provisions of the state's welfare, we also provide employees with benefits of tourism, training services, etc., and we will continue to strive to increase the welfare of employees. Company has a staff canteen, activity center, staff shuttle bus and dormitory; Employees can enjoy food subsidies directly after induction, such as birthday welfare treatment; Company employee training, skills competitions, sports meeting will be held each year, New Year's Mid-Autumn festival party, annual meeting a number of activities, such as all-round development provides a good stage for the employees, in the activities of the award-winning employees can obtain many rewards!
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